F1. 姜葱/参巴鱼片         Sliced Fish with Ginger & Onion   / Sambal        

F2. 姜葱/参巴鱼肉         Fish Meat with Ginger & Onion    / Sambal          

F3. 油泟尼罗红              Fried Crispy Tilapia with Oyster Sauce               

F4. 酸甜金目鲈              Deep Fried Sea Bass with Sweet & Sour Sauce   

F5. 泰式辣酱蒸金目鲈   Steamed Sea Bass with Spicy Thai Sauce            

F6. 娘惹酱蒸红鸡          Steamed Red Snapper with Nonya Sauce             

F7. 泰酱 / 咸蛋炸鲳球   Boneless Promfet with Thai Sauce / Salted Egg     

F8. 潮式蒸石斑              Steamed Garoupa in Teochew Style                     

F9. 港式蒸红斑                  Steamed Red Garoupa in Hong Kong Style              

Sweet & Sour Sea Bass Nonya Assam Fish Head Nonya Assam Sotong Teochew Steamed Fish
Hong Kong Steamed Fish BBQ Sotong BBQ Stringray Nonya Assam Steamed Fish